San Gaban III Hydroelectric

Objective: Undertaker a study to determine the debt capacity of San Gabán S.A., to evaluate the busuness model to execute the project, either, directly by San Gaban S.A. or through PPP.
Hydroelectric project San Gabán III, is located in the district of San Gabán, it will enable a flow of 35m3/s, of water to fall 615m to generate 187MW and produce an annual average of 1,285 GWh. San Gabán III will connect to the National Interconnection System (SEIN) through a high voltage line at 220 kV, 131 km in length, which will deliver power to the future substation Onocora.

Client Company of electric generation San Gabán S.A.

Project Amount: US$ 400.00 million

Status: ompleted on August, 2013


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diciembre 30, 2022

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