Interprovincial Bus Terminal, of Buses in the city of Piura

Objective: To provide financial, legal and promotional consultancy services to prepare the documents for the development of the private initiative project “Interprovincial Bus Terminal”, in the city of Piura.

The city of Piura, capital of the department of Piura, due to its location, equidistant from main towns as Sullana, Paita, Sechura, Chulucanas, and Tambogrande, and because of the location of the airport here, it is the natural transport hub for the area. It is also the Terminal for the mail national and international transport companies. It is located near the port of Paita, and has access to the Panamericana north highway and it is the principle point of connection with the rest of the country and abroad.

Client Construcción y Administración S.A.

Project Amount: US$ 56.00 million

Status: Other


Publicado el

diciembre 30, 2022

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