The services we offer are as follows:


1. Financial Structuring investment projects (Project Finance).
2. Development of Private Initiatives.
3. Advisory implementation of projects under the Law on tax works.
4. Valuing companies.
5. Demand studies in infrastructure projects.
6. Market studies on investment projects .
7. Advising companies in obtaining financing.
8. Development of projects on state property or assets in the form of Private Initiative.
9. Promotion of Investment Projects.
10. Legal Support in financial and investment issues.


1. Advice and support in the management of public investment to regional or local governments.
2. Integral Consulting in implementing projects under the Law on tax works.
3. Structuring projects for implementation under the Public Private Partnership mode.

Structured Investment Projects to date

Soon TP Invest has established itself in the market of financial consulting and investment banking, having participated in the structuring investment projects over of 8.2 billion dollars.